Chance & Fate is an online specialty store featuring a curated collection of luxurious basics...

We focus on bringing high quality and hard to find international brands to Canadian consumers. At Chance & Fate we cater to women who feel their sense of style gives them confidence. You will find a well curated collection of versatile and staple pieces that can be worn year after year and paired with the latest trends.

We stock a great selection of known and emerging labels mostly imported from the Scandinavian region, Europe, New York and L.A. We look for designers that can guarantee high quality pieces as well as ethical manufacturing. A number of our brands produce their pieces locally and pay special attention to their impact on the environment.

Women who appreciate and are looking for something unique can find these pieces without the added costs and inconvenience of international shopping. We offer free shipping in Canada, as well as free returns and exchanges. We also offer a selection of high and low price points that can be paired together for a modern look.

If you really want to try that piece on before purchasing it, look for our seasonal pop up stores or reach out to make an appointment at our studio. We also offer same day delivery in the GTA just in case you need that new piece in a hurry.

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Hi! I'm Michelle, the Founder of Chance & Fate. Fashion has always been a passion and I get great pleasure out of creating outfits that reflect my unique sense of style. While working and travelling I fell in love with smaller brands from Europe and L.A. and was so excited to make my first purchase. These brands were not available in Canada so I chose to purchase from a US based online store. My excitement was short-lived once I realized the extra costs associated with buying internationally.  Not only was it the exchange rate and shipping but it was the duties that turned this experience sour. I didn’t mind paying for unique and high quality fashion but this doubled the listed price! 

I've never had a career in fashion, I started in nursing then moved to Deloitte to become a Healthcare consultant and later an Innovation consultant, where I discovered design thinking (another passion of mine). I then put my innovation background and love for fashion together and created Chance & Fate, a shopping solution for women like me who wanted to find international brands without the extra costs. In the spring of 2016, shortly after leaving my corporate life, I launched our ecommerce site. Since then I have been very grateful to share my love for small designers in person at our pop up shops and online with those in several different countries. 

I currently live in Roncesvalles Village in Toronto with my husband and enjoy incorporating my love for design and travel into the brand.