Merging fashion with art, design, and a deep knowledge of manufacturing and production techniques, Marcia Patmos crafts a modern yet timeless clean luxury product. With her collections she creates garments intended to be worn for years, not single seasons. Her aim is to provide an elevated, easy-wearing wardrobe comprised of beautifully made clothing with just as much comfort as style.

At M.PATMOS, manufacturing is personal. We make clothing that has a story and a person behind each lovingly made fiber, fabric and stitch. That story includes the combinationof traditional techniques with modern technological innovations to create elegant and refined collection made by people earning a fair wage and working under safe labor conditions. M.PATMOS is an elevated brand for a special customer who understands the leading edge of fashion and sustainability.

The M.PATMOS woman is drawn to timeless pieces with modern, unique details. With a beautiful, simple color palettes, artisanal textures and expert tailoring, M.PATMOS shares her artistic and refined sensibility.

Michelle Wilson